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lego batman: the videogame

canister 5 poison ivy : in the lion exhibit, near the totem poles, bust down the objects and create a three-tier totem pole. then use poison ivy's power on the pot to create a flower so you can reach the canister. power brick double jump : in the second area, jump up to the cylindrical tank. set an explosive on the steel grate to blow it up and you'll find the pieces to the brick. canister

tony hawk's american wasteland

from where you start, jump to the beach on your left and you'll see a stat point near one of the blue beach umbrellas. 2. from where you start, take the first right, and go up the stairs, then jump into the skate park on your left. you'll see a stat point in the air. do a front tuck off the landing area on the halfpipe to get this stat point. 3. from where you start, skate up to the red

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patio umbrella sizes follow this simple rule: a sun umbrella should extend over the dining table by at least 2 feet on each side. measure your table to find the right fit. small patio umbrellas measure your table to find the right fit.

disney/pixar toy story 2: buzz lightyear to the rescue

you will see a little wooden table on the right. but the floor is covered with the green stuff you need the cosmetic shield, and i'll get to that later. after you cross it go right and jump on the cardboard boxes, go right and jump across on the shelf. then jump on the other shelf that's on front of you. then turn around and jump on the last shelf. jump and grab on the slanting pole and slide

lego indiana jones 2: the adventure continues

in this area head down and right to push a table into the empty pool. then climb back out using a ladder to the bottom left of the pool. smash the glass on the patio, and then smash the chair to find a blue box, pick it up and put it on the blue pad which is at the bottom of the pool. get back out and jump on the diving board and across to the rooftop. go to the right to grab another blue box

kinect disneyland adventures/rush double pack

kinect disneyland adventures - xbox 360 version 0.6 - updated jan 25 2012 by jorden clarke - jordenclarke at hotmail dot com please not due to the infequent updates of this faq i will credit the first person who helps me with a missing item around the park, as long as it has not been found.

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