wholesale recycled green building materials

how to green your life

the google sketchup design app includes a green angle, with building models that can drop into google earth, which has become a powerful tool for environmental groups and educators.

9 ways professional sports are going green

even the building materials had a green component, with 10 percent coming from recycled materials. because it is near the anacostia river, all wastewater from the stadium is filtered before it

eco options

there's a growing movement toward furniture that touts recycled materials, wood collected from certified sustainable forests, cushions created from soy, vegetable-based stains and enviromentally

how recycled plastic for 3d printing will drive

the team is now working on printing solar powered equipment, a recyclebot for recycled metal materials, and cheaper, more efficient reprap designs. but his real mission has to do with something

how green are green conferences?

despite a flap over lead-laced coffee cups, west coast green was meant to be green to the last drop, including handouts of recycled grocery tote bags similar to those at green festivals.

cleanboard: recycled drywall from a solar factory

although green-building products are becoming more widely used--november's greenbuild industry conference in boston drew close to 30,000 people--there are fewer green-material technology start-ups

kids' playhouse made from recycled potato peels, veggie

a smart green home takes root in inner city; these types of construction materials also mean the kidshouse is recyclable for when the little ones outgrow playing in it and prefer to spend all

the recycled plastic filament that could set a new

the thing is, 3d printing is actually a sustainable solution, especially when it comes to packaging, manufacturing, and shipping. it has the ability to cut down the cost and material waste in

recycle bicycles made from all-recycled aluminum

culture recycle bicycles made from all-recycled aluminum. the next time you recycle an empty six-pack of energy drink cans, it may end up in the frame of a recycle bike.

photos: greenbuild expo flashes through boston

the u.s. green building council's annual conference floor displays the latest in green-building technologies, with a focus on recycled materials and energy efficiency.