wall mount tv above fireplace

flat screen over fp--where do the audio components go

guys, we just purchased a new house, and there is a media room that is setup with a gas fp and ample space above for mounting flat screen. i currently have a 37' panny plasma, and do like it, but

is it safe to mount a flat screen over my fireplace

any tv mounted over a fireplace will attract soot, especially a plasma tv. whether to mount the tv over the sheet rock or to remove a section of sheet rock is more a matter of how the tv looks. i

how high should i put my tv? morrison's mailbag

which is why i recommend never mounting a tv above a fireplace. by far the worst place in a house to put a television. the heat and soot if you use the fireplace will ruin the electronics, and

my wife wants the tv mounted over the fireplace

ok, we just got a new place and the best really the only place to put the flat screen is over the fireplace. the problem is that there is no way to get hdmi c

the solution to the tv mounted over the fireplace

i have been complaining about the viewing angle of our tv mounted over the fireplace for years. but i am relieved to say that i have come across the answer to

tv over fireplace

installing a tv over the fireplace in a south facing room lots of light there is a sheetrock fireplace that can handle both wood or gas. currently, we have a fireplace insert installed running

mounting an lcd / plasma above a stacked stone fireplace

now, i mounted mine over drywall and right to the studs over my fireplace. which is nothing more than a big box housing an 8' flue. i even went the extra mile to tie in the front studs to the rear

lcd tv over an electric fireplace

i have the lnb530 mounted on the wall and would like to put an electric fireplace underneath. how safe or unsafe is this? it has a low setting of 750 watts. th

why a tv should never be mounted over a fireplace

music if your tv is mounted about your fireplace, you're doing it all wrong. mounting a tv above a fireplace seems logical and it just looks good but it does come with a few issues.

is it safe to mount a flat screen over my fireplace

personally, i wouldn't put a tv over my fireplace, but i have been known to put one in my fireplace. when they used to show the yule log on tv, i would put the tv in the fireplace every year over

help mounting 65' tv above fireplace

moving into a new house soon. currently my 65' 4k curved is sitting on a large stand. when i get to the new house i want to mount it above the fireplace.

is it safe to mount a flat screen over my fireplace

the last factor is how sturdy the wall studs over the fireplace are and where they are located, since medium sized tv's should be mounted on two study and larger tv should be mounted on 3 studs to

twist on old question mounting tv above fireplace

we have a 50 inch panasonic plasma tv mounted above our gameroom fireplace. as the fireplace doesn't have a mantle, the tv is high, but not extremely high. bo