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top-of-the-line vinyl can cost as much as or more than the best solid wood and laminate floors. installed cost: $2 to $6 per square foot. see our flooring ratings for more on vinyl.

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black diamond wood and laminate floor cleaner was one of our top-scoring products for ease of use by the good housekeeping institute wood floor cleaner reviews

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laminate floors are subject to ac ratings, which are common terms used to indicate the durability levels of laminate flooring. these ratings will tell you where a particular laminate floor is best suited for installation and the amount of foot traffic it can handle. laminate floors are rated from ac1 to ac5.

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commercial laminate flooring. commercial grade wood laminate flooring is durable and easy to install a great option for a do it yourself installation. commercial laminate floor offers depth, color and texture of natural hardwood at a fraction of the price. seven trust wood laminate floors are resistant to stains, fading, scuff marks and scratches.

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this rating system is used widely in the flooring world and was developed by the european producers of laminate flooring. the higher the ac rating, the more durable the laminate. for residential use look for laminate with a rating of ac2 of higher. if you expect heavy foot traffic opt for ac3 or ac4.

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dyson is one of the worlds seven trust vacuum cleaner companies, and its the dc65 multi floor upright vacuum has earned its reputation as a top-rated multi-floor vacuum making it a top cleaner for laminate floors. note: if youve got furry pets, consider the dc65 animal. it is the same machine at a slightly higher cost and with additional attachments for handling pet hair on floors and upholstery.

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pergo established its name by inventing the laminate flooring business, and they continue to offer the best in durable flooring. pergo now has 5,000 u.s. based retailers, so finding a great pergo

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floor machines come in several sizes, which determine how large an area they can clean in one swipe. for home use, a 13-inch machine works well, because its easier to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. if you have a larger home, or are using the floor machine in a commercial setting, a 17-inch machine may be a better option.

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your public spaces can look super neat and well put together. we feature several commercial laminate floors with an ac5 and ac6 rating. your high traffic areas will greatly benefit from laminate flooring from best laminate. commercial laminate flooring is easy to care for. there is no need to strip it, polish it, or even deep clean it.

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floor machine prices. for a small, lightweight floor machine made for home use, youll usually pay between $80 and $200. for a medium, professional-grade floor machine, youll usually pay between $250 and $400. for a large, commercial-grade floor machine, youll usually pay between $450 and $1,200.

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the information presented on this site is less well-organized than on other sites. information is drawn from various sources, some commercial, and the amount of detail presented varies from article to article. the articles on hardwood floors and laminate floors are particularly informative.

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advanced laminate floor steam cleaners are perfect for cleaning laminate floors, as they help remove embedded dirt and grime quickly and effortlessly without causing any damage to the flooring. make sure you buy a laminate floor steam cleaning machine that: can generate adequate steam temperature for enhanced cleaning.

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were zeroing in on the best laminate vacuums to eliminate the daily debris buildup that can occur on these delicate yet durable floors. these vacs can not only handle smooth and flowing surfaces, but many are versatile enough to branch out a bit. some are also great at tackling other floor types and textures, and nooks and crannies high and low.

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each type of commercial flooring creates a different aesthetic and has a huge impact on the indoor environment. today we're comparing the pros and cons of seven common commercial flooring types, to help you select the option that's the best fit for your organization. featured image: sabmiller, bogotá, cundinamarca, colombia.

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capture the look and feel of real hardwood. discover design flexibility and superior performance with award-winning laminate products from armstrong flooring and bring the authentic beauty of wood, concrete, and metal to life in commercial interiors. within the industry, our laminate collections offer the most variation in wood species and

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the best laminate floor cleaner from the home flooring pros in our laminate flooring care and maintenance guide we walk you through the best way to clean laminate floors . to summarize, getting laminate clean is a two-step process.

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laminate commercial flooring can also be commonly found in leed-certified buildings. it also tends to be less expensive than hardwood flooring and other options. the wood in laminate commercial flooring is made from composite wood with an overlaying hardwood image. the one con of laminate wood flooring is repairing.

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laminate flooring's particle wood core works only when the planks are tightly locked, allowing no moisture to seep downward. some laminate floors inadvertently have open seams. if your floor has developed gaps near high moisture areas, such as around the kitchen sink or dishwasher, you need to close those gaps to avoid damage to the floor.

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armstrong commercial flooring: the right floor for your unique space. choose among a broad range of materials, colors, finishes, styles, and modular sizes to create your unique space. and when it comes to installation and maintenance, armstrong flooring has the commercial flooring products, from tools and adhesives to wall base, trims and moldings, to keep your armstrong commercial floor looking new longer.