public area block flooring anti uv gloves

mana khemia 2: fall of alchemy

when you reach the open area among the rocks, look for a mostly hidden chest in the ne corner of the area that holds a <morning lamp>. head toward the nw then n along the path to reach a save point. continue slightly e, then s, and e to a narrow ship, then cut across it to the se to find a fishing spot. head e from there along the dock to the next screen. continue e along the dock to find

i like swords' profile

the ancient ayleids believed that nirn was composed of four basic elementsearth, water, air, and lightand of these four elements, they believed the most sublime form of light was starlight.

tim drake character

the leather gloves were replaced by lightweight black gloves underneath two black, armored wrist gauntlets. the bandoliers were left intact along with the red robin symbol in the center of the

fallout: new vegas

here there will be the floor that leads to the mainframe area and later the power plant. the mainframe will be down the path to your left, just follow your quest marker. you'll know that you've found the right door when you see a couple ncr troopers that appear to be wearing some variation of brotherhood power armor just slimmer. they may dispatch a couple legion soldiers quickly. if you're

fallout 2

after you've killed the wanamingos, go to the next floor of the mine via the ladder, and in the second level, go to the southeast to access a new area. note: there are two excavator chips in the mine, but you can only sell one. in this new area, there are two wanamingos and eleven rats. they shouldn't be too much trouble. head south after you've cleared out the area. in this next and final

planescape: torment

other terms have ranged from 'gloves of greed,' or, among the stupidest, 'the gnashing gloves.' the githzerai called them 'they-which-devour,' and believed them to be an artifact fashioned by the slaadi, the intelligent carnivorous frog-like beings that inhabit the plane of limbo. the most common name for this item is the 'gauntlets of teeth.' the exact creature from which the bones originate

dick grayson character

dick grayson: the boy wonder the flying graysons born to a family of acrobats, dick grayson began his life with an exciting childhood growing up in the circus.

the urbz: sims in the city

wooden block - §3 a solid block of soft wood. what mysteries lie within? whittle away and find out decorative chess piece - §8 a giant replica of your favourite chess piece. could there be some psychological reason you identify with this particular one? chainsaw chicken - §5 to think that it was a skilled chainsaw that turned this lowly stump into a colloquial work of art. wooden cowboy

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here's where all the various profile entries or discussions about despero's power s will be thrown in -- they're mostly here for fun and to use as a quick reference.

star ocean: the last hope

you can find an anti-stun amulet on the floor of the weapon shop. van elm region ----- items in this area: *bigberries x2 blueberries x2 *vile goop *51 fol *farie orchid *health seeds *aquaberries x3 *herb harvest point x3 *ore mining point x3 thanks to the treasure sense skill acquired in the citadel, you will be able to all treasure on the map. a green patch of grass indicates herb harvest

star wars: knights of the old republic

in this area, go south until you hit the bottom of the area. next, head west, open the door, and head down the hall to ahto west. head down this hall until you reach a center area. in here, opt to take the northeast hall. follow it until you reach a bar. try to walk around the bar and shaelas, a selkath, will automatically talk to you. keep the conversation nice and he'll pay 500 credits if

mega man x: command mission

area 2f east revisited - first door on the right has an anti-lock . the next room contains 70z and 30z and a computer terminal displaying a security breach warning. the exit is through the southeast door. east area stairs, 2f to 3f - another empty stairway, head on up. area 3f east - its exaclty the same as area 2f east. head for the yellow tank energy 25 gem you probably don