plastic composite roof tiles

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the soft plastic plug weighs less than an ounce and has yet to cause damage or injury on a job. once across the ceiling, a helper can tie on the pull string and i reel it back to me without me

sid meier's alpha centauri

in times of crisis, you can configure it to crank out massive amounts of cash to fund your war effort or whatever , and in times of peace you can ratchet your research up through the roof. contrast that to military units, which are actually only useful in three very specific situations: if you are attacked, if you launch an attack, or if you can make your opponent believe you are about to

lunar: dragon song

clear out all the enemies in the room before you go, however, maneuvering around the open spaces in the floor tiles. open the blue chest in the southern corner now to get a demon ring. now go to about the center of the room, and head through up northeast a bit through the tiles in the floor. go around to the left, and you should find a chest with a resist ring. now go back out, and head west

the tile repair kit will be located at the back of the shuttle's cargo bay and feature a panel of deliberately damaged heat shield tiles. the spacewalkers will attempt to repair the tiles using

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the fusion 759 shed is made out of a unique wood-plastic composite and has a sturdy double wall structure with drillable walls. it also features a steel-reinforced tile roof, wide double doors, and

fallout 3

now go more to the left and head up the stairs until you reach the roof. look around for a door that leads to the bridge tower. from this room, head left and through the door. go down two flights of stairs and enter through another door. here, walk through the tunnel and follow the signs 'science lab' until you get to a door once more. look around for doctor li and talk to her about everything

command and conquer: generals

both the commander and gunner have roof-mounted stabilized sights equipped with day/thermal vision, a laser rangefinder and an auto tracker facility. the commander has a display showing the gunner's thermal sight, enabling the commander to fire the main gun. the type 98 is also equipped with a computerized onboard information processing system, which can collect information from vehicle

granite countertops a health threat?

plastic straws are losing popularity but cigarette butts are the real environmental problem 5h ago. was an ivy league student slain in the name of hate?

american ragnarok cvnu ic

there was a slight tremor, and then the crashing in of the subway roof upon the subway car freaked all but her on the subway. jocasta managed to pry one of the doors open, as did some other people.