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this is the classic bulb of thomas edison: a tungsten filament trapped within a glass enclosure. electricity heats the filament to a point where it glows, and voila, you have light.

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there are three main choices when it comes to buying a new server: tower, rack, or blade. here are some of the pros and cons about each kind of server, as well as some of my experiences with each one.

home networking explained, part 3: taking control of your

editors' note: this post is part of a regularly updated series. for the other parts, check out the related stories below. all home networks start with a network cable. even if you plan on using

hitman: absolution

continue down to a small enclosure where you will find another guard. subdue him then put him into the wicker container nearby. from here, head back to the other container you passed and hide in it. while you were knocking out the previous guard a couple of other guards were talking not too far from you. they will eventually stop and one of them will head to the tennis courts to check up on

baby hippo fiona explores her exhibit for first time at

a brewery plans to introduce a beer dedicated to her. wkrc reports that fiona is expected to go on display to the public some point this summer.

5 greenhouses that are actually homes

the most prominent example is the tall pine tree in the center of the dining room, which can be seen from inside the glass enclosure. presumably to avoid the mess of falling pine needles, de

how to extend your wi-fi outdoors

you might be tempted to leave an indoor router or satellite unit in a covered area outside or in a weatherproof enclosure. this may work in the short term, but the risk factors are high. the

battle the undead from a zombie-proof cabin through

a shed-building company plans to build its zombie-proof cabin on the site of a zombie infection attraction, with help from backers willing to settle for temporary security from the undead hordes.

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related: floor plan, 3d kitchen design, floor plan design, garden. filter. 3d home design by livecad. free 3d home design by livecad draw the plan of your home and view the result in a 3d view

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what did you do with your last old computer?

i have a little garden of linux boxes that i use for a number of things but it keeps those old drives spinning and the power company happy. my oldest system in my little garden is 486dx with 4 mb