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animal crossing: city folk

for example, the cow skull, storefront and saddle fence are all items one might expect to see in a western film--and indeed, the name of their theme is 'western'. sets are a little more difficult to explain. often, they contain several items which are quite similar for example, the totem pole set, which contains four different variations of the same basic thing--a totem pole . sometimes

animal crossing faq for gamecube by super chansey

colors to the right = chooses what color you want to color with. curved arrow on the top right = chooses another color pallete. *a little trick is go to the bottom right of your inventory the corner , with clothes in your hand, and press down once. those clothes will appear as a background for your inventory this can be done multiple times.* a = do what you selected to do. b = uses the color

furniture/clothing/accessory checklist animal crossing

hey everyone lets try this again lol i put together this checklist of furniture, clothing and accessories for ac:cf just in case you are wanting to complete that certain collection, or get all of the shirts in the game etc etc

animal crossing

each color represents good luck in either finding rarer items or more money north = orange good luck in finding money and items east = red good luck in finding items south = green good luck in finding money and items west = yellow good luck in finding money and items it's always the first two spaces out from the walls that count towards the feng shui of your house. feng shui by floor space

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compression joints in frame ensure superior strength while icing-thick lacquer coat preserves wood's natural pallid color. motives : comfort = 3 room = 1 ***** anchor lace cafe chair price : $389 size : 1x1 description : the beauty of french lace paired with the security and weight of cast iron, a cafe owner's dream come true. neither hurricane winds nor chair burglars will move these


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the lattice barring the cavern is lowered and we are finally inside the island. the party stands directly underneath the castle. 'get the sword,' a knight in a pointy mask--it looks ominously like an executioner's cap--tells another man. the man departs with the order while the rest of the company leave in the opposite direction. so the knights have not brought 'the sword' with them, whatever

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all the while, her prismatic and pastel color palette played a huge role in the photos' filters. view this post on instagram a post shared by taylor swift taylorswift on feb 24, 2019 at 8:21pm pst

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animal crossing: happy home designer

pastel-dot wall day 1 pink shanty wall shop plaza wall day 3 lattice fence log fence picket fence pink fence pipe fence red brick fence rope fence sculpted hedge shanty fence sweets fence zen fence. bridge. brick bridge cobblestone bridge fairy-tale bridge modern bridge suspension bridge wooden bridge. landscaping. trees and shrubs. apple tree day 7, carrie blue hydrangea day 7, carrie

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description: a area 4x4 surrounded by a fence. has the sign 'dump' on it. info: furniture, paintings, clothing, carpets, walls the melody board ----- employees: none location: by the post office. what it does: when every hour strikes and when you talk to the animals, the melody on this board is played. description: a board that has 16 notes on it. you can customize the notes to form your own