pallet foundation for decking

lego city undercover

vehicle token - foundation - in the near right corner of the first area, there's a cement mixer. operate it to fling stuff at the structure to the right. assemble the pieces into a little elevator so you can ride up to the token. vehicle token - roller - in the very beginning of the second area, before dropping down the tube, smash the brown bin to find this token. red brick - studs x6 - just

the darkness

you should see the wall curve toward a corner with a pallet. you need to put yourself in this corner and turn to face the three goons in this room. this will put you in a position to be as close to as many goons as possible three in this room plus the two you just passed . now rotate the camera slightly so you are 'aiming' at ernesto who is leaning against the wall . push the right fire

tom clancy's rainbow six 3

make your way towards the pallet, the team will take out a tango that may appear from around the end of the containers. turn left around the end of containers, if you look at the stacked containers to your right you will see an opening between two of the top containers. edge to your left until you can see the tango, sometimes he is stationary other times he is patrolling. if he is stationary

u.s. military aids japan in wake of disaster photos

as japan struggles to manage the humanitarian aid effort following the earthquake and tsunami, the u.s. military assists, with operation tomodachi.

grand theft auto: vice city

when you reach the road, you'll see the ocean view medical foundation on your left. drive up the steps, park by the ledge on the north side of the entrance, jump on your vehicle use your vehicle as a step , and jump on the lawn be careful not to touch the rampage icon . walk around the building so you can grab the package. hp 7 - now you have to go to the closed south bridge. take the

emperor palpatine/darth sidious respect thread

he could crack the building's foundation, rain rubble on the heads of those unlucky beings trapped within. he could, with the full power of his anger, unleash a fireball of death.

zombiepie's profile

the lauded and fabled promised land that shinra has been attempting to locate since its foundation was actually underneath a gigantic crater. not only that, but this gigantic crater also happens to glow and eject a massive plume of energy into the atmosphere. oh and it just so happens to be located near a mostly developed village that serves as the worlds winter resort town. its a