pallet deck around above ground pool

fallout tactics: brotherhood of steel

the first half is an above-ground environment with minimally useful cover and you'll basically have to rifle crawl over the whole thing, taking out the beastlords with your hunting rifles at maximum range to stop them from hitting you and switching to aks when they close in. the reason you should take this mission in daylight is standing next to the pit just north of you when you arrive: a

soldier of fortune ii: double helix walkthrough

sneak around the buildings, past the pool. the garage and the dog pen have supplies, if you want to stock up. shoot out the camera over the pool. a guard will leave the garage and walk around the

mario kart 64

red koopa troopas would turn around when they reached an edge also, red koopa paratroopas could actually fly, while green could just flutter around . but, in super mario bros. 2 usa , though koopa troopas and all other normal mario enemies were absent, this red shell was present. when plucked from the ground, it could be thrown. it slid across the floor, defeating any enemy it hit, and

watch dogs

once he moves away from the left pallet you can move rabbit to it and then hack the camera above. wait for the viceroy to turn around and move away from the camera again and then move rabbit to the left and he will walk himself out.

quantum break

follow these around until you can jump to the air conditioning vent on the wall above our entry point. go through the hole in the wall here. go through the hole in the wall here. make your way to the right and hop across to the next platform at the end of the walkway.

lego city undercover

walk around it and smash the dragon statues above the door, one to drop a ladder, the other to raise a kite so you can grapple up to the third floor. now, up here, you can use the flaming dragon thing to get a torch. while this torch won't last long, you can use it on both the left and right sides of the roof to blow up some balloons and get more fire crackers. place both in their respective

l.a. noire

down here there are three thugs scattered around the empty lot and one by a bunch of red barrels to your right up above by a column . shoot the red barrels to kill the thug and make the column smash down on everyone else. *note: shooting that one red barrel will kill all the bad guys around you, so be sure to aim for it follow stefan to the right and you'll have to take out two more thugs

hitman: game of the year edition

in addition to attention you may see a white dot appear above the heads of either the guards or an enforcer. this is known as the npc icon and usually indicates a possible threat to you. these enforcers will also appear as white dots on the mini-map. you can reduce attention by blending in in which case the dot above the person watching becomes a white circle. as the attention grows stronger

rise of the tomb raider

slay the three goofballs standing around, then prepare to take on those -- a mix of grenadiers, shotgunners and normal unarmored goons -- dropping in from above. much of the cover here goes bust with a few hits of any weapon, so use the support pillars for best measure. try to save a grenade arrow for last, as the battle ends with two armored types -- an explosive can take both out in one go

max payne

you can use doors, crates, stacks of pallets or other things, and so on, for cover. you can also crouch. a common tactic is to let an enemy sight you, hide on one side of a corner, and, when the enemy comes around the corner, to fire a powerful blast at him. unless you know you can take him out in one hit, don't use a pump-action shotgun; you will injure the enemy, but he will then launch an

super mario bros. 3

after possibly collecting all 57 coins 22 around the 1up block, and 35 along the ground , take the pipe at the end to fall to the normal level. simply go right to the card, the end of the level. ----- level 1-4 ----- this, as is level 1-3, is an optional level. but, if you collect 44 coins or more in this level, something special might happen see 'white toad's houses' for more

grand theft auto: vice city

note: if you're traveling by car, take the road west from the airport terminal, follow it underground and back above ground, and when it curves east you'll see fort baxter on your left. the rampage icon is on the lawn east of fort baxter behind a tree. don't grab it yet. action: the mission is to destroy 15 vehicles. but you can use the rhino instead of the minigun. so jack any vehicle