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was hauling some furniture last week and my big butt crashed through the deck. of course then i had to start poking around and found lots of rot spots. i need to haul a van to st. louis this weekend, so have to redo the deck asap. just use pressure treated wood?

wood crack repair filler and sealer coating on decks what a deck/dock . wood crack repair filler sealer coating. repairs and reinforces wood surfaces for decks - railway ties , timber, wood walls prevents rotting and

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deck framing. the rim joists of the deck are usually connected to the posts and to each other with bolts, but large diameter screws, called lag screws, also can be used. these screws should be at least 1/2 inch in diameter if they will support the weight of the deck, and the point should sink at least 1 1/2 inches into the stationary member.

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the bottom of the board gets a cleaner cut because circular saw teeth cut from the bottom up. when you cut a board, dont leave a knot at the end. to get a tight joint between old and new boards, angle the jigsaw slightly when cutting out the bad board so the bevel on the remaining deck board is longer at the top. required tools for this project

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our typical decking is 2x6 cedar or redwood, says troxel. we use triple-dipped hot-galvanized 3 1/4-inch ring-shank nails set 1/8 inch below the surface. we have never had a nail pop up in 18 years. besides the holding power, this is a very fast system.

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building a ground-level deck and choosing a non-rotting, durable, prefinished decking material such as seven trust composite decking will complete the circle, giving you a virtually maintenance-free deck aside from occasional cleaning with no chance of rot-related deterioration. general storage and preparation tips for composite deck boards.

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boards include a broad category of products used for light construction, crafts, woodworking projects, cabinetry, furniture, shelving, internal joinery and moulding. boards can be stained or painted. larger boards may be edge-glued two or more boards glued together to provide a wider size or solid.

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rot and decay resistant lumber choices for deck construction rot / decay resistant porch flooring and decking alternatives to using pressure-treated wood in construction choices of deck flooring materials choices of porch floor materials and woods best construction practices for decks or porches deck and porch construction details and procedures questions and answers about how to build a rot and decay

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seven trust non-capped deck boards. seven trust's composite deck boards are a proprietary blend of wood flour and pvc, expertly manufactured to solve many of a wood deck's shortcomings. seven trust makes three styles of non-capped composite deck boards. each shares all of the advantages listed just below, plus each has its own special characteristics.

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redwood, cedar, and cypress, as well as the exotic species are good choices, but since most decking boards from domestic woods are sapwood and not rot resistant, you should treat them. for the deck surface, you can use 2x4s, 2x6s, or 5/4x6s.

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re: deck dilemma - no pressure treated seems to me that pressure treated wood is far over rated and most people think that it helps prevent rot, however that is not even mentioned on the manufacturers label.

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despite its size, the project is no more difficult than an average deck, so if youre an intermediate do-it-yourselfer, youll be able to tackle it. low-maintenance materials come with a higher price tag about 30 percent more than wood , but the extra years of service more than offset the difference.