light or dark composite decking

dark / light deck

as for your question, use a spellcaster deck. alot of useful, strong light, and dark monsters are spellcasters. when ced becomes unbanned, in year two, both envoy cards switch places in banned limited you can use the same thing, or make a dragon deck.

what is the best dark magician/dark magician girl deck

the best deck in my opinion would have to be one that you have created yourself. unlock as many cards as you can from spellcaster's command then tweek the deck to your liking.

here are my decks

--light deck-- 40 cards x3 dunames dark witch x2 hoshiningen x3 shining fairy x3 skelengel x3 maha vailo x3 neo the magic swordsman x3 rogue doll x3 bright castle x1 change of heart x2 elf's light x2 graceful charity x1 harpie's feather duster x2 heavy storm x2 light of intervention x3 luminous spark x1 monster reborn x1 pot of greed x1 raigeki x1 swords of revealing light a better version

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if your deck can't swarm the field it is crap.

light and dark decks also have a field day since they splash in either silent magician or silent swordsman and can easily search them with their ability. ironically, six sams are very spell reliant. ironically, six sams are very spell reliant.

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can anyone give me a good deck recipe? yu-gi-oh gx tag

1 zombyra the dark side deck 15 extra deck 1 cyber end dragon 1 cyber twin dragon 1 dark balter the terrible 1 fiend skull dragon 1 gatling dragon 1 king dragun 1 reaper on the nightmare 1 thousand-eyes restrict. user info: twistag. twistag - 3 years ago 0 2. well this is a really good deck so cherish it took me hours to postulate this deck literally and only share it to those who believe

what is your best deck?

that lightsworn deck isn't really good: - every lightsworn deck needs 3x solar recharge and 3x charge of the light brigade. - also, 3x wulf is too much.

what's the most broken deck that can be made with no

here's my wc2005 deck and it already very consistently ftks alot more than 8/10 times so just imagine when using newer cards : 3x dark magician of chaos 1x exodia head 3x magician of faith 4x exodia limbs 3x book of moon 3x book of taiyou 3x graceful charity 3x monster reborn 3x painful choice 3x pot of greed 3x premature burial 2x reload 3x spell reproduction 3x upstart goblin