interlocking white plank floor lightweight running

batman: arkham asylum

follow the white line on the ground to eventually pick up on warden sharp's dna trail again. destroy the three joker teeth 3 you come across. instead of moving on, lets get a little scummy and explore the bathrooms. break off the white trail and enter the men's room. the last stall at the end holds a very dirty riddler trophy. return to the hallway. the security camera prevents anyone shady


if the knuckle duster thing isn't working for you, over on the right wall you'll see a plank of wood. grab it and use it as a weapon. i usually kill the guy with the knife so i can use it later. go find sarah. there's two ways to get there. there's an alley and there's an open door where a guy shuld be lurking. i suggest you use the knife on anyone that attacks you. after that, walk her home

shadow man

dark soul 3: after running through the marrow gates themselves, turn left in the first area. you will find another large area -- an area with a bloodfall again, if you have the poigne, you can go there. dark soul 4: go to where 'dark soul 1' is. behind it is a fiery block -- if you have the toucher gads you can push the flaming block out of the way to reveal a secret chamber. in the center is

david ansen's profile

constructing a work of implacably interlocking images, the 76-year-old director -- as clear-eyed, still and attentive as a beast of the forest observing human folly -- has produced an olympian protest against the modern world. yet his lucid mastery produces not despair, but an odd exhilaration. 16 april 1984, p.93

the getaway

the running guard will come out if you wait too long. it is advisable that you snap the guys neck and then move on immediately to jolson's office ----- ----- v. taxi for mr. chai ----- ----- mr. chai is the poor chap who has just been brutally tortured to death by the gang. they want you to dump his bloody and battered body outside a restaurant in chinatown. you'll see a cutscene of them

fallout 4

when in the first basement level, look n to see a blue double door and white single door. the white door is a lift going down to the lower level. the call button next to door activates it. instead, go all the way up the steps and slowly out into the large assembly area.

call of duty: modern warfare 2

on the white wooden planks to the side of the boathouse, good view of estate and the road. also on the planks but looking down the side road at the electrical station. second floor of the house overused . crates and car next to the house, facing the estate. top of the electical building rarely used . second of the broken building spetsnaz spawn . behind the fence in the

far cry 4

reenter the tower and walk the narrow plank across the gap; go up the stairwell and dislodge the boards. proceed clockwise past the rope climb to raid the loot chest. return and climb the rope, jump the gap and climb the rope. continue clockwise around the walkway to another rope climb. the ladder will get you to the top. raid the two chests and interact with the transmitter to hijack the

eragon bromsson respect thread completed 4/15/15

eragon bromsson respect thread completed 4/15/15 by thevivas march 20, 2015 29 comments. eragon is one of my favorite characters in any book i've read, and i'm surprised he's not used very often

far cry 3

there are five guards on the lower floor and one sniper on the second floor. approach from the northeast. stay in the hills and tag them. the target on the second floor to be occupied. snipe the sniper when he walks off to the left. now start picking off the guards around the edges. if you are detected, take out the guards and use the flotman maneuver on the leader. ---pinned to earth--- head

prison architect

o wooden floor $50/square this indoor surface has the appearance of a hardwood floor. o ceramic floor $50/square this indoor surface has small white tiles 24 per square . these give a nice cosmetic effect in shower rooms or infirmaries. o mosaic floor $10/square this indoor surface has medium-sized brown tiles 16 per square . o metal floor $10/square this indoor surface has a metal

dead but not forgotten closed rpg

october extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and november arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and

arx fatalis

head straight through, and go into the main tunnel area supported with wooden planks . keep going straight until you reach an elevator. press the lever to go down. - you should see what looks like wooden scaffolds positioned inside this mining area. try to jump onto the one, and take it up to the top of the mining area. look for a dwarf's body in one of the dead ends, there should be a

resident evil outbreak

now running rampage, they will be searching for human food to satisfy their hunger. the hunter gamma is an improved version of the 'lurker' hunter that was featured in the biohazard 0/resident evil 0 . unlike the lurker, the hunter gamma does not have any elongated tongue, but it has some underwater attack move as compensation. they will only appear in underground dark tunnels. most of the