how to measure for a dress

for samsung's gear s3, size matters. and that's a problem

'i don't want to look like a kid playing dress-up with her daddy's watch,' cnet editor jessica dolcourt said after trying out the gear s3. 'this watch obviously isn't made for my wrist.' 'this

quick tip: apply a uniform size to all charts on an excel

when you create a chart, excel adjusts the chart's size, depending on space, labels, number of data points, and so on. so, you might want to adjust the size of each chart so they're all the same.

these smart clothes know how big your hips are

this dress from likeaglove contains sensors which adjust the fabric to take your body measurements. the company hopes amazon and other stores use it to help their customers get a perfect fit.

learn measure-cut-sew dress patterns for android

do you want to know how to make diy clothing patterns for free? do you want to learn how to sew, cut and measure sewing patterns for all kinds of garments?

how safe is light in the box website/chinese?

the first time i ordered dance shoes from them, i ordered my normal shoe size and confirmed it by measuring my foot as they recommended. when i got the shoes they were 1 or 2 sizes too small. i

how to wear leggings the right way

remember to dress monochromatically, so match shoes to leggings. the goal is to look longer and leaner. 4. accessory: think of leggings as an accessory. don't build your look around them -- you

five decades of cher outfits

a phoenix dress and a keyboard motif jumpsuit, both designed by bob mackie for cher, are on view at a public auction preview september 29, 2006 at sotheby's in los angeles. 'how many bob mackie

10 things that define a true professional

so, how do you measure up? don't feel bad if you need some work in one or more areas. demeanor that is less than professional can lead to an image problem for you and your company. negative images

help with storebought frozen lasagna

sister in law has asked me to buy several 6 family-size ones to drop off with her daughter my niece who's sharing an apt with college roomies in my neck of the woods. she gave me a stop and shop gift card with which to purchase said lasagna and other sundry doo dads gummy vites, etc for daughter/niece.

one woman's quest to find a specific dress for a child

a woman's quest to find a specific dress for her friend's daughter ended up bringing strangers together online. deborah price posted on a photo on twitter of a dress with a rainbow heart on it.

20 excel tips for creating stylish spreadsheets

using a larger font size for headings and sub-headings makes for a more readable spreadsheet. it's also a good idea to keep your basic font size large enough to read clearly.

how to properly hang dress pants so they stay on the

to hang dress pants, first find the crease in the legs and lay them flat on a folding table or the bed. next, take the top pant leg and fold it up towards the waist of the pants. place the coat

how to order a custom-made suit

sure, casual dress is on the rise in the workplace. but there are many work environments, such as wall street firms, where formal business attire is still the norm and looking the part still matters.

christina hendricks' measurements: naked 'i look like a

'you don't put a big girl in a big dress,' fashion critic cathy horyn wrote in a recent new york times story about the dress hendricks wore to the golden globes. the criticism hurts her feelings

size up your body using a webcam

culture size up your body using a webcam. tired of 'guesstimating' sizes when shopping online? a german startup may have found a solution to stop you from buying ill-fitting clothes.