easiest way to extend your patio fence

how to extend an inground post

how to extend, or make longer, a vertical in-ground post that will be set in concrete. fence post repair - how to fix broken, leaning fence posts - quick and easy with post buddy - duration: 3

how to add 2 feet of height to an existing wood fence

the easiest way to add a few feet to your fence is to simply buy a few fence boards, then cut them down and add them to the back of the existing fence. to do this, start by measuring the height from the top of the slats to the fence rail because that's where your new boards will sit.

3 ways to protect a wooden post from rotting in the ground

dig a hole thats a quarter deep as your post is tall. for example, if youll be setting a post thats 3 feet 0.91 m deep, dig your hole to a depth of 3 4 foot 0.23 m . this will keep the post securely in the ground and prevent it from tipping over.

how to find property lines when building a fence or

it may be with your deed, but it may not. in that case, youll have to find it. to find the plat for your property, try checking in city or county records at the clerks or surveyors offices. another potential source is the former owner of your property who may just be holding on to a copy.

landscaping ideas for privacy guide: tips ideas

here are six ways you can enhance the look of your patio and increase privacy: 1. patio curtains and shades. covered patios or porches will instantly become a more private setting when you install flowing patio curtains or rolling shades.

patio privacy ideas better homes and gardens

a privacy fence is the easiest way to ensure seclusion for a patio. when the fence reflects the architecture of the house, the outdoor space becomes a literal extension of the indoors. when the fence reflects the architecture of the house, the outdoor space becomes a literal extension of the indoors.

10 ways to create privacy in your backyard this old house

fences and walls. newly installed pools, patios, and playgrounds may require a visual buffer in a hurry. a 6-foot solid board fence is the quickest way to create privacy in your backyard year-roundjust be sure to check local building codes regarding fence heights and any other restrictions .

good neighbor fence etiquette fence guidelines and tips

they have to live with your choice unless it lowers property values or is dangerous. put the best face outward: its common practice to put the more finished side of your fence facing the street and your neighbors yard. maintain and improve: its your responsibility to clean and maintain both sides. if an aging section starts to lean, shore it or replace it.

adding height to existing vinyl fence ideas with pictures

the cheap and easy way to extend your fence height for a productive home working environment can be found in home design. it has some popular tags for your convenience top-level searching this reference click top interior ideas. the vinyl fence top extensions are one of best images reference about house plan.

fence not tall enough for privacy

fence not tall enough for privacy. i put a six foot fence up, but my neighbour built a patio about 1.5 feet higher than the patio level on my side. they also built a low brick wall around it. so when they stand on it, i can see their whole head and more if the person is taller. what is the best way to create a tall 'fence' /or trellis for

cheap and easy way to extend your fence height

well i have a cheap and easy way to extend the height of your current t-post. all you need is 1 1/2' pvc piping cut to a little over three feet in length. hammer each pvc pipe onto the top of your

peace in the yard: 7 ways to dog proof your fence notes

1. landscaping: if you have a dog that is a jumper or likes to patrol the fence line, consider using landscaping as a way to keep your dogs away from the fence. by planting dense shrubs, like boxwood, along the fence line, youll force your dogs to back up, making the jump further aka harder . and if you have a patroller, the landscaping will make the buffer zone between the fence and your dog a few feet wider, which might help your dog take the day off from guard duty.

10 easy backyard improvements for outdoor entertaining

easy backyard improvements: the little things. get patio furniture covers to keep your patio furniture in good shape and avoid having to clean it before every party. purchase a grid organization system for your garage where you can hang your rakes, brooms and other yard care implements.