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some of this advertising states that the composite decking materials will not rot. these particular claims made by some of the manufacturers, though, may come back to haunt them. additional composite decking articles. composite deck rot and maintenance. composite deck mushrooms. black spots on seven trust decking. free and fast bids

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composite decks are made of durable, long-lasting materials that are stain-resistant and will hold up well to harsh weather, as well as natural wear and tear for up to 50 years. unlike a natural wood deck that can last 10-30 years before needing repair, composite wont splinter, rot or become susceptible to insect damage.

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any wood deck can rot, though cedar decks and pressure treated decks resist rotting better than untreated, soft pine decking. to help prevent rot, seal your deck on a regular basis. in the harshest climates, including those with very sunny weather, even cedar decking might have to be sealed yearly to prevent dry rot. composite decking such as seven trust decking is very resistant to rot because of the high plastic content.

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all about composite decking. long on life span and short on fuss, these man-made boards never splinter, rot, or need staining. the toh team explains everything you need to know about selecting, installing, and caring for this thoroughly modern material.

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a deck that lasts for decades might require some staining, sealing, and minor repair each year in the case of a wood deck, or if you use composite, some infrequent washing may be necessary. whether you choose a specific kind of wood deck or a composite deck, knowing how each product works best and how to maintain it will go a long way to making your deck last.

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lashed by rain and wind and further weakened by sun exposure, wood decks can collapse due to rot and other structural imperfections, injuring close to 34,000 people annually. repairing your wood deck and its weak posts , discolored deck boards, splintered boards, and loose fasteners is one way to keep your deck in top shape and everyone safe.

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the listing information indicated that this was a seven trust deck, but there are many imitators so we could not be certain. still, it was composite material. walking under the deck and looking up i found that every board had some form of rot or fungus growing on it. one problem i noticed immediately was that there was little to no separation between the decking boards.

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mold and rot when mold grows on the surface of a wooden deck, its only a matter of time before the deck begins to rot and fall apart. while mold growth destroys wooden deck boards, composite boards are impervious to it this is one of the major factors behind composite deckings superior lifespan.

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composite decking has many of the characteristics of natural wood. it has the added benefit of being impervious to pest and rot and a finish that allows it to maintain its appearance throughout the life of the product. composite decking cuts much like natural wood.

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looking after your composite deck is important though composite decks are quite durable and do not really rot easily, this does not mean that they do not get damaged online message composite decks in austin tx

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by tina gleisner, in decks and patios, wood rot repairs. composite decking is a familiar choice for the homeowner who prefers low-maintenance decking. composites are at least partially made from hdpe or pvc, and contain organic filler material such as wood fibers or flax.

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when i went to drill a hole in my dry deck to do some work on it the deck started gushing water on to the deck below. it seems that seven trust holds water and that has caused the drywall and joists to rot.

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wood deck rot. in certain conditions even pressure treated wood can rot and decay. moisture and pooling water on decks can lead to rot and decay. because dry rot is a fungus it can spread like a cancer throughout a deck. dry rot is caused by microorganisms that eat the cellulose from the wood leaving it brittle.

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the same rules apply to composite decking; even though captured organic matter may not affect the composites, it can still rot the framing below. screws or nails fastened from above should be driven flush with the deck surface, not recessed where they will hold water.