diy how to replace handrail with modern science

more simple and amazing 'life hacks' to make living easier

cbs news so on monday i put up a little video with some great tips and tricks you can do to make your life a whole lot easier. and it seems you all liked it.

easy ways to make that ugly kitchen gorgeous

matt also filled in viewers on diy and food network magazine's 'worst kitchen in america' competition which could get you a free makeover of yours if diy deems it the most - deserving

diy medical tests: wise way to go?

new york -- more and more people, especially those without health insurance, are skipping doctor visits and using in-home, do-it-yourself, over-the counter testing kits and online lab tests

four questions to ask before throwing away a product box

can you turn the box into a diy? if your answers to the previous four questions suggest you should let your box go, but you still cant do, this next solution may be for you.

four cheap and easy home improvements

replace your floors. the widespread availability of affordable 'floating floors' flooring options that can be installed on top of existing boards or linoleum makes updating the floors in your

tv shows premiere dates 2019-2020 tv guide

the series is a kind of modern-day variation on nancy drew, but with considerable more attitude, style, mood and sophistication. latest updates here's the veronica mars refresher you need before

not your usual dad's day gifts

the flip flops are available online at you need to order by thursday to get in time for father's day. for more great ideas, go to page 2.

simple weekend home improvement projects

a simple faucet replacement can easily update the look of a bath or kitchen without having to spend a fortune. faucets run anywhere from $30 and up and can be installed in less than an hour.

protecting gardens in cold snaps

new 'early show' gardening guru ahmed hassan, a certified landscape contractor and host of diy network's 'yard crashers,' shared tips on how you can shield your yards and gardens from taking a hit

flower power: keeping them alive longer

on 'the early show saturday edition,' contributor and gardening expert ahmed hassan, of the diy network, offered insider tips on how to re-cut, water and prepare freshly-cut flowers to ensure they

butter knife bad bet for do-it-yourself hernia repair

it didn't quite work. the wife of the 63-year-old glendale man called paramedics on sunday night and said her husband was using a knife to remove a protruding hernia, sgt. tom lorenz said.

four inexpensive, easy home improvements

replace your floors: the widespread availability of affordable 'floating floors' flooring options that can be installed on top of existing boards or linoleum makes updating the floors in your

give thanksgiving leftovers a fun twist

the first round of thanksgiving leftovers are diy treats that kids or visitors can fish out of the fridge themselves, according to cooking light magazine. then it's time for some inspiration

update your decor with

the basics 'sustainable' is a hot word in the design industry right now, and there is a huge demand for repurposing old, unused items to create functional and beautiful home furnishings.

simple diy car repairs

the transmission must be removed to replace the clutch. lining up the clutch disc can be tricky. this is a replacement that will also require specialty equipment such as transmission jack, cherry

the 7 weirdest things made by 3d printing

diy violin-maker alex davies used 3d printing to make a plastic form for the violin's body, which he and his team then covered in newspaper and glue. a piece of cardboard made the neck and some

how to cut your home energy costs this summer

blashaw pointed out heating and cooling account for about 56 percent of the energy use in a typical u.s. home, making it the largest cost for most homes.