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a full second later, she slammed into a durasteel wall and felt a terrible popping in her ribs, then dropped to the floor, still holding her lightsaber and the beskad. the force lightning had died

batman: arkham asylum

once they're all kaput, pick up harley's trail again, which will lead to a panel in the wall. pull it open to uncover another booby-trapped security box. crack it open and you can head through the door.

portal faq/walkthrough for pc by mdawgig

walk over to the right wall being careful not to be shot and shoot a portal at that x. shoot the other portal at a wall, then grab a box and drop it through the portal onto the turret. go up to the corner, and pop out for a second, just enough to look down the hall and up to find another red x. shoot a portal there and go back to cover before the turret kills you. drop the other box on it

my life with a curved tv: week 2

fourteen days into my experiment of replacing my flat-panel panasonic plasma at home with a curved samsung led lcd, i've come to a couple realizations. first, i want my plasma back, but for

old man logan vs kraven: the best hunt there is

chapter three - old man logan vs kraven - has been added in the first post thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to read it and i look forward to your feedback.

the pros and cons of leds for backlighting lcd screens

in the july 12th edition of the wall street journal, walter mossberg reviewed two new laptop computers, the dell m1330 and the toshiba portege r500.

eiyuu densetsu: zero no kiseki

the point where the railing meets the wall just right of the benches where the scenes take place. all the way to the east of the terrace 2. the railing overlooking the entrance to the main wing building. west part of the terrace 3. the small railing at the narrow spot between the research wing's left side and the door to the main wing's 3rd floor. northern part 4. in the middle of the

how to buy the right refrigerator

as a result, today's shopper will find an ever-increasing range of color and style options, cleverly designed units designed to disappear into your decor and a wide variety of new smart features

ultima ix: ascension

there is a hidden panel and under it is a necklace you will need soon. go around the side of raxos' house and free nico and he will give you the orb of moons and teach you the return ritual, which allows you to travel by moongate to shrines that have been cleansed. if you are in cove after dark find the abandoned house and go upstairs. there is the ghost of a little girl named dayla and she

persona 5

nab the vase on the right wall to the north and then climb up the rubble that is nearby on this right side. we'll want to climb up to the narrow pillars up above and then head south, jumping from pillar to pillar. at the last pillar, be sure to go up and steal the vase to the left and jump down to the chest nearby. thankfully, it is open and we can get some grimy gear . we can't use

resident evil 4

there's a spinel on the wall by the rope, and there's handgun ammo and a barrel on the platform where you shot the guy. next on the agenda is shooting the chains on thee crates above the water. this will make a series of platforms for you to jump across, so go ahead and do so. don't bother heading right yet, since you'll have to do that later anyway. climb the ladder and use the lever up there

resident evil 4 faq/walkthrough for xbox one by a i e x

on the wall above the arch is a shiny spot, shoot it down and pick up the 'green gem.' you can smash the four pots in this area and use the typewriter to the northeast. go through the door to the east of the typewriter. break the barrels, then go right and grab the 'handgun ammo 10 ' off one of the chairs. you can smash the pot on top of the shelf here. beside this shelf, look through one of