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solid snake vs deathstroke

nickzambuto: deathstroke is the one who makes his living off of prep, psychologically weakening superhumans before actually confronting them, and relying on progressively more and more powerful

photos of the week, aug. 23-29

horses and riders clear a fence in the £500 permanent money backs handicap steeple chase at fontwell racecourse in fontwell, england, aug. 28, 2014. credit: alan crowhurst/getty images iraq

iphone xs' industry-first a12 chip gives apple big

in this photo composite, apple marketing chief phil schiller touts some of the features in the a12 bionic processor that powers the iphone xs, xs max and xr smartphones.

gran turismo 3: a-spec

with full brakes on, just barely graze the fence on the right and when your speed drops low enough, cut back to the left. taking this corner with a small, compact turn is most important. drifting too broadly in the final corner will not let you build up speed so try to come out straight. alaskafox's guide to gold: brake sharply as you approach the first corner to make sure you can take the

animal man character

animal man was chasing the monster killer and used a animal power as a cricket to climb the fence and get the animal activist killer. animal man got him and they fought and attacked him and the

ny's survivors tourney rd1: kevd4wg vs. gothamciti. open

as a master swordsman with inhuman physical prowess and perception, wrath is easily a casual bullet timer in terms of combat/reaction speed and generally carries 5 steel sabers.

boromir vs jaime lannister

boromir vs jaime lannister deactivated-5bfd5d714c687 follow. 3 posts - 4 years, 2 hence why it was mostly knights on horses that wore it. not to mention, if he had a helmet on, his view

south park: the stick of truth

outside the post office talk to mrs. biggie for a friend request. mrs. biggie is now your friend now head to the left and enter the red building that you can now unlock. grab the cash $1.00 and health potion small from the filing cabinet. you can also get generic glasses from the drawer on the far right. at the moment you can't get the chinpokomon out of the vent so talk

predator vs. black panther

well yes if we use all the dark horse crossovers, since dark horse own predator comics, but most assume to leave that out. even if predator has not face someone like bp the feats, skill against