composite deck square for amusement park

lost odyssey

in the white square, you'll find two seeds, 10g and an aqua bomb. on the eastern side of the square there's a girl named chuchu who'll challenge you to a game of tag. hold x to sprint and press a when you get close enough to receive a slot seed. enter thelran's inn through the door to the north. there's a wealth of items in here including three seeds, an angel plume, an anti-paralysis herb, a

tales of the abyss

with that, examine the closet behind him to get a deck brush weapon for jade , and then head downstairs and pick up the green book to learn the recipe for ramen. do go ahead and talk to tear, but she doesn't intend to go to the outer lands. and nope, it's not because she loves a bastard like luke or anything. really. but with that, head outside and talk to natalia, but then head over to the

pokemon blue version

the 1-square-wide strip of water on the right side of cinnabar and seafoam islands was programmed to be a place where wild pokemon can appear. but thank the programmers for this one they forgot to define what pokemon can appear there. this wouldn't be that big of a deal, except that means the previous settings for 'what pokemon can appear' will remain, and if you read 2, you'll see why that


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final fantasy vi

the other two were a walk in the park in comparison to this one, which is why i chose to write for it last. ----- house on the veldt ----- sabin washes up from his river journey near what is well-known as the house on the veldt. even though, technically, it's not on the veldt. you can enter the house and talk to the man inside, but all he speaks is gibberish that, while being decipherable

trailer blazer: e3 2016

square-enix are putting all their eggs in one basket with ffxv, so why they thought another big lavishly-animated cgi movie will help is anyone's guess. still, despite the familiar wooden acting from the cg people, it looks fairly good if a bit incoherent.

custom robo

holosseum: a holographic battle environment roughly 3.6 square meters in size. skilled commanders can construct their own holosseums from their thoughts and memories. for those who can't, there are prebuilt holosseums in each robo. the machine that projects the holosseum is called a holosseum deck. hub park: a lovely park, considered by many to be both a restful garden and a good place for a