chinese first floor concrete slab

laser turntable . true or not?

when records were still popular there were all sorts of amazing gimmicks like the kyocera turntable with a concrete slab in the base for stability and it cost 1500 dollars here to buy one in

special dam access: tour restricted and off-limits areas

the concrete arch of a bridge is the first thing you see, spanning high above. coming from las vegas, as most visitors do, you've already left the highway that crosses that bridge. but since you can't

resident evil code: veronica x

claire automatically backs up before the concrete slab falls and crushes the crystal ball. the security card can now be taken. when the slab rises, grab the security card and the trap will stop working, allowing you to pass freely. now, head through the steel door you passed by earlier. prison chamber ----- up ahead is a gate with a security card reader next to it; swap the security card and

bye-bye, blueprint: 3d modeling catches on

applications bye-bye, blueprint: 3d modeling catches on. three-dimensional technology is changing the way buildings are designed and built--but the industry will have to change, too.

property seized from owner of collapsed bangladesh

rescue efforts have now been suspended and authorities are using heavy machinery to clear the broken and crushed concrete slabs to get to the bottom floor, where emergency workers expect to find

motorola will bring 'shatterproof' tech to flagship phones

mobile motorola will bring 'shatterproof' tech to flagship phones next year. while the droid turbo 2 smartphone is an exclusive to verizon, the technology protecting its display is not.

american ragnarok cvnu ic

first was the first inch of concrete slab, from end to end-- intangible. the transformer fell with a clunk onto the second inch. slowly, amaranth moved to the second inch. then the third. then the

china quake death toll rises to 10,000

a powerful earthquake toppled buildings, schools and chemical plants monday in central china, killing about 10,000 people and trapping untold numbers in mounds of concrete, steel and earth in the

china oil pipeline leak causes deadly blast

the pipeline owned by china's largest oil refiner, sinopec, ruptured early friday and leaked for about 15 minutes onto a city street in qingdao and into the sea before it was shut off.

nepal earthquake survivor teen boy pemba tamang pulled

twisted ropes of steel reinforcing rods were all that stopped huge concrete slabs from falling onto the scene. two concrete floors hung down in front of the building like curtains.

artist christo lets the public walk on water in his new

he has brought in a team of athletes from his native bulgaria to assemble the specially made, recently invented cubes and divers to anchor them to concrete slabs on the lake-floor, employing oil