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gheenoe 15'4 floor options discussion in 'boat yard basics' started by oysterhsdr, aug 14, 2017. page 1 of 2 1 2 next > option 2: no false floor, leave center box in and just run a couple layers of fiberglass down on the existing floor and up the interior sides of the boat. 'build' - i'm 'building' a boat - look at my 'build' - every

false floor on a 28

i'm considering removing a small section of the false floor under the forward starboard motor mount to install a tilted element thru-hull transducer closer to the keel. has anyone removed a portion of the false floor? has it cause any problems? it would seem to be a non-issue to remove a portion of it but would like to know if others have tried it and if it created any problems.

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12 ft; 2006 3.7m tinnie with 25hp mercury 2 stroke. great tinnie were upgrading, comes with boat and engine cover, bimini, carpeted false floor and deck throughput with storage underneath, cushion seats,nav lights, fish finder/depth sounder,drink holders, oars , life jacket, 25 litre fuel tank, bait board,trailer in good condition with spare tyre and with 10mths rego on both, you wont be

adding a floor to a 14 lund aluminum boat

use cardboard to out line your floor plan. my 14 ft lund has a floor like this. i think its 1/2 plywood. i re-did the front casting deck and made it out of 1/2 with 2×4 for support. the differecne i saw was that the fron benches were removed and the bench that was left was the rear bench and used when drivving the boat.

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choose an area of flooring free of any wiring or plumbing. determine where the floor joists are and mark out the section between two joists with painter's tape. before making cuts, cover the shoe plate of a circular saw with painter's tape to help protect the wood flooring from scratches. how to build storage for fishing equipment.

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also not good for the life of the floor. in my bay boat the floor is 12 mil structual ply but it has plenty of under floor bracing and in my dam boat the floor is 16mil with no bracing the floor is just supported where it sits on the ribs.there is no spring in either of the floors and the floor of the dam boat is also supporting the weight of 3

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youll be able to use your raft in new ways, like fishing, long river boat trips, or just to have a cooler in your boat while youre out on the lake. and perhaps most importantly, floating on your own diy floorboard will fill you with manly pride lets have a look at how to build a hard floor for your inflatable boat.

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home boat design forums > construction > boatbuilding > fiberglass and composite boat building > fiberglass boat mods - carpet to fiberglas floor. discussion in 'fiberglass and composite boat building' started by martyweir, the space between hull and false floor that i plan to replace - i've noticed the boat flexes a bit when i hit a wake

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i recommend just building in a rod holder of some kind; you could probably get away with just a triangular notched thwart running to the floor and glassed well in. i used that space to add some more foam for flotation coast guard required for neutral buoyancy so your boat doesnt sink if it fills .

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false floor plans, stringers, and drain tube. false floor plans, stringers, and drain tube gheenoe re-do. what others are saying jon boat trailer plans sailboat design sketches,riviera wooden boat plans plywood cabin boat plans,build a legend boat boat plans norway. image see more.

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home boat design forums > construction > boatbuilding > fiberglass and composite boat building > composite floor, expanding foam question discussion in ' fiberglass and composite boat building ' started by cas17013 , nov 1, 2012 .

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re: aluminum floor in jon boat thanks for the reply. im not to concerned with stability its a jon boat and its 24ft long 6'0 beam at the bottom of the boat it is very stable. i am putting two bilge pumps under the floor just case but my main concern is keeping everything under the floor dry.

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this plan assumes the new raised floor will be open to the lower part of the room on one side, as it really wouldn't make sense to do it in a closed room with just a doorway leading in. it also assumes the room has been stripped of all floor coverings, trim and other obstructions, and that the floor you're building on top of is level.

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the remove the center bench and install a flat floor in the center of the boat. aluminum *i beam* type supports under the floor work great. 3/4 is fine for thickness. after i have the floor installed i run a livewell along the side of the boat can be storage also too add more functionality, and it adds structural support.

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basically im attempting to put a false floor in a gheenoe. home boat design forums > construction > boatbuilding > fiberglass and composite boat building > advice on false floor w/pics discussion in 'fiberglass and composite boat building' started by jrl, oct 24, 2009.

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not a bad effort and some good thinking just thinking though, as the bars you have installed are steel, and the tinnie is aluminium, unless you want to chage to some ally bars, might be worth considering putting some rubber between the two types of material to reduce the risk of galvanic corrosion and eventually a leak - and maybe some cold gal where you did the cut as well.

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re: building raised floor in boat. i have a shallow 14' starcraft and decided to remove the middle seat and put in a floor between the front and rear seat. i used 3/8' plywood and cut slots to fit around the ribs so the platform is firmly seated. view topic

i'm building a similar set up in a 13 right now. it really depends on how big of a false floor your going with and where it opens up as to where or if you need a drain. i definitely wouldn't fill it with foam just for the fact that eventually water will find its way in there and saturate it, adding weight. if you bring your false floor all the way to you back seat, just drill about a 1 1/2

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i have a new project ive got a 12ft aluminum v bottom boat not shure what kind but im wanting to put a false floor in it to make it a little better to move around in and im thinking about removing the bench seats and installing swivel peditstal seats not real high just so my knees arent bent so much any ideas?

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never before have some many options been available in boat flooring, so take advantage. flooring has gone from a problem area in many boats to a great selling point when the right floor is chosen. we highly recommend searching for a boat with a fiberglass floor to start, and then determine which upgrades, if any, suit your boating needs.