best place to buy composite decking

pioneer dv-444 review: pioneer dv-444

as far as connectivity goes, around back you'll find one set each of component-video, composite-video, and s-video outputs as well as digital optical and analog audio outputs.

panasonic dvd-s35 review: panasonic dvd-s35

mp3 functionality is impressive; a big menu displays filenames up to 32 characters long, and the deck can randomly play an entire disc of mp3 tracks. the search function will comb a disc for

solved ferrite cores

the cable company told me over the phone to buy a new cable. the reception was more or less the same with the new cable. so i ordered the cable guy to check the signal in my appartment. he

how to save the av receiver

if you want a new av receiver with basic features like hdmi connectivity, you're pretty much forced to buy a 5.1 or 7.1 av receiver, even if you intend to go with a two-channel setup

sim2 domino 80 review: sim2 domino 80

design what will thirteen grand buy you? well, it might just pick you up a very low-end, budget model car. it could be the start of a deposit towards a very small house in bad part of town on the

any good places to grind for money early in the game

and you're only doing it to buy so you sell everything at the price hike. beside if you only wanted it for expensive gels. din can dump them on you with the meggioran fish, roneal mushroom, and the like.

philips hdrw720 review: philips hdrw720

behind the deck, you'll find a set of component-video, s-video, composite and rf inputs and outputs, as well as optical and coaxial digital-audio outs. flip open the front panel, and you'll find

sharp lc-le700un review: sharp lc-le700un

sharp's range of picture controls has improved significantly over the last couple of years, and the lc-le700un's selection can match that of most other brands on the market.

integra dps-7.2 review: integra dps-7.2

the dps-7.2 by integra boasts dvd-audio support and interlaced video, but it's one of those products that make sense for only a narrow audience.

cambridge audio id100

other connections include a digital optical and digital coaxial connector, usb for itunes synching and a proprietary 3.5mm video-out that's switchable between composite, s-video and component.

what are the important numbers when buying a camcorder

heck, i can still buy a vhs deck or tapes in local stores - but i keep reading that is 'dead', and has been for many years. just because movies are no released to that format does not make it dead

samsung dvd-p230 review: samsung dvd-p230

the dvd-p231 adds a coaxial digital output and stereo audio jacks to the selection of component-video, s-video, and composite-video outputs. the dvd-p231 played most of our dvd-rs but not our dvd

jvc boomblaster rv-nb70b

in terms of input formats, the rv-nb70b supports ipods of all types, and is shielded for iphone audio, although the cassette deck-style dock makes it tricky to operate any touchscreen ipod or