affordable outdoor flooring malaysia

how to clean up a broken cfl bulb

if a fluorescent light comes crashing down onto your kitchen floor, releasing the mercury trapped within, you don't need to panic. just follow these steps to safely get things cleaned up.

samsung complaint

the condensation was forming daily and i had to wipe it continuously and when i would pull out the middle drawer the water would run down the front of the fridge to the floor. everyday i work


the roomba 880 is the most well-rounded, capable bot we've encountered so far, but the $449 neato robotics xv signature pro still wins the pet hair performance test on all flooring surfaces. $299

tired of my huge cable tv bill. what are my options?

hi, i really want to get rid of my huge cable tv bill and would like to know what my options on streaming tv services are. i'm new to this whole cord-cutting thing people are doing to sever their

check out apple's singapore store, its first in southeast

the main area of the second floor features a large open space called the forum, where the company will hold its 'today at apple' events. the indoor ficus tree come from malaysia and have an

forza motorsport 7 review

in forza motorsport 7, the familiarity of driving your favorite cars on beloved tracks goes hand in hand with the joys of discovery. it's about owning sporty cars priced just out of reach in real

get a quality window tint for your car

as you probably noticed in this day and age it's almost de facto that you add window tint to your car. you almost never see a car without it these days.

best performing hd tv antennas?

i recently moved into an 8th floor unit in a condo complex, and needed another indoor antenna for a relatively new hd tv i only watch ota stations .

2016 honda hr-v successfully splits the difference

at its essence, the new hr-v is a taller, stretched fit. in fact, the two cars will roll out, side by side, from the same production facility in celaya, mexico.

create a giant screen for under $100

if the projector is also on the floor, it's best to be behind it or flanking it on either side. mounting the projector up high is ideal, but given the impromptu nature of this screen, unlikely.

what to do when your ac won't cool

unplug the window unit or shut off the circuit breaker for your outdoor unit. spray the part of the unit that is outside the window or by your house with a water hose to wash off any dirt, leaves

coming soon to a floor near you: led carpets pictures

hotel lighting. the floor lighting could also make it easier to find your way to your hotel room, and could even make for a high-tech spin on the classic 'do not disturb' sign.